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I can’t register at the site. I have an inscription “Your e-mail is already used”. What do I have to do?

This can happen only in case if you are already registered. Please, use your e-mail and password to log in.

What movie players can I use to watch movies?

You can use various players, for example widely known Apple Quick Time Player, Windows Media Player, Ivivo, etc.

What browser is the most suitable for downloading movies? Can I use Internet Explorer?

I’m sorry, but you can’t in case if the movie’s size is more than 4Gb. We recommend using a download manager, such as Fox or Flash Get.

How long does the downloading process take?

It depends on the speed of your Internet and quality of the movie. Better quality means spending more time. Generally, it takes about an hour or two hours maximum.

I can’t get on well with Flash get. Help me, please.

That’s easy. You should click on the "Download with FlashGet” and then you choose the necessary place where to save the movie.

I can’t download anything!

Make sure that you have fulfilled the registration process.

The movie plays, but I can’t hear any sound. What is the trouble?

The main reason for such problem is the absence of necessary codecs on your computer. Check the Help section to find the installed and missing codecs.

I can hear the soundtrack of the movie, but I can’t see anything.

Please, check the presence of all necessary codecs in the help section of the used movie player.

When I try to download a movie an error occurs. How can I manage this problem?

Perhaps, there is some trouble with this file. Try to download it again later.

I have the movie consisting of three parts. How can I put them together?

In this case you can use special programs, such as Virtual Dub, in order to “glue” all the parts.

How can I find a necessary movie?

Please, use the field “Search” in the right top corner. We have the biggest movie library. You are going to find a proper movie for sure.

How many movies are available for downloading now?

There are more than 6 000 movies at that moment and this figure increases every day.

I’d like to watch a movie on my IPod, but it’s impossible. What is the problem?

You should convert you DivX or DVD version into the appropriate version for your device, for instance you should choose an MP4 version.

Can I find movies in other languages, except English?

I’m afraid, not yet. Now we can provide movies only in English.

Are the movies really presented in full sizes?

Of course, all the movies are presented in their full versions and they are of a good quality. Register, download and you will be pleased.

I’ve downloaded the movie, but I can’t find it on my computer!

It is a usual problem, don’t be afraid. Use the “Search” function on your computer to find it. Before downloading you are suggested to choose a directory to save your video.

I can’t download the movie now, but I paid for it. What should I do?

The movie is available for downloading within 2 weeks after the payment.

Is it legal to download movies from your site?

It is absolutely legal to download the movies from our site. All rights reserved.

How can I burn the movie onto CD or DVD?

For this purpose we advise to use Nero program.

Can I watch movies on Mac?

Yes, you can. Use Apple QuickTime, VLC or other Mac-friendly player on your Mac to watch movies.

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